If you clicked on this page expecting to see rows of elipticals, bikes, and treadmills, we are not that kind of gym! Instead we have a 10' x 70' turf for you to do some real work!

Our philosophy is to add energy work into a well-developed plan to improve strength gains and increase hypertrophy by increasing the body's work capacity. Conditioning done with the right equipment increases your work capacity which will lead to better lifts and attaining your training goals. If fat loss is the goal, there is nothing more efficient than the equipment we have on hand. Changes in body composition occur rapidly.


The Prowler sled is one of the best pieces of conditioning equipment out there and is versatile to fit everybody's training goals. Need to add muscle? The Prowler can be used to increase volume without crushing the athlete because it is eccentric-less training. More volume equals more work capacity which allows you to build more lean muscle.

Prowler Sprints are among the best drills for increasing speed. Since the Prowler prevents you from producing an arm drive, this drill is all about building lower-body power. Change the target of the exercise by adjusting your hand position; hold the high poles to focus on the hamstrings and glutes (top speed) or low handles to target the quads (acceleration). Or load it up heavy and pull. The position you are in while pulling the heavy prowler behind you is strengthening the most important muscles for acceleration (glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves) in the most specific manner possible.


One of the most important distinctions between sled exercises and most other types of resistance work is that with sled work there is no eccentric, or negative, part of the movement.The eccentric portion of the lift is where most of the muscle damage occurs, which is one reason that bodybuilders tend to favor lowering the weight slowly.

For building muscle, this is usually a good thing, but when you need to train often or speed up recovery, it isn't ideal. Since sled training only has a concentric movement, it's a great way to work your muscles without beating them up too much.Although the sled is great for legs, the use of straps, harness, and/or belts can allow you to hit every body part. Any exercise regularly perfomed on cables can be done with the sled; chest press, rows, pull throughs. Attach the straps to the belt and lunge, sprint, or drag backwards for legs.


Anything that requires explosive power, athleticism, grip strength, overall limit strength and core strength will benefit from the farmer’s walk. So, basically, the farmer’s walk is the epitome of functional training for just about anything! Functional training does not mean a distorted rendition of a traditional lift with an odd object on a bosu ball—functional simply means how well a training modality transfers to the desired activity. Don't worry, no bosu balls are found at this gym!

The farmer's walk engages all the muscle groups in one movement. It's an exercise in pure strength and builds muscle, slashes fat, and increases performance. Lately everyone wants the newest, coolest exercise, but that tends to take them away from hard work, temporary pain, sweat, and calluses. Getting back to the basics is what is needed and there is nothing more primal than picking up some heavy weight and hauling ass with it!