Hwy 22 Gym caters specifically to the Powerlifter in many ways. The gym was originally started to give powerlifters and competitors a welcoming environment with high quality specialized equipment to lift heavy and train hard. The three lifts that powerlifters train for and compete in are the very mainstay lifts that are used in any well designed program with goals to gain strength and size.

Much thought and effort went into acquiring the best equipment to accommodate the powerlifter and bodybuilder but any person wishing to gain strength will benefit from our specialized equipment. We are committed to investing in quality equipment that our members need and want. We have everything you need and nothing you don't. Special thanks to Rogue and Texas Strength Systems, and the contacts we made in the Gulf South for working with us to make it happen!

Competition Bench Press w/ pegs & lift
Westside Bench
Flat and Incline Benches

Power Racks (height adjustment in 1/2" increments)

Deadlift Platforms

Leg Extension

Glute/Ham Raise

Back Hyper/Chest Supported Row w/ pegs

Reverse Back Hyper
Belt Squat

Leg Press

Sissy Squat
Lat Pulldown & Low Cable Row
Hammer Strength Low Row

Pec Deck/Reverse Flye
Cable Crossover Station 
Lying Hamstring Curl
Standing Leg Curl
Standing Calf Raise
Dip Station

Coming Soon:

Hammer Strength Chest Press

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press

Hammer Strength High Row
Log for Strongman Training
Yoke for Strongman Training


Chains 240lbs total

Bands all sizes, short and long

Dumbbells up to 170 lbs.

Olympic Standard Weights

Specialty Bars:
Safety Squat Bar

Duffalo Bar by Chris Duffin
Okie Deadlift Bars
Texas Strength Bars

MG3 Bar

CB1 Camber Bar

Super Curl Bars

Mega High Hex Bar

Tires 300 - 500lbs

Prowler and Sleds

Farmer's Walk Handles (varied grip)

Atlas Stones 50 - 270lbs 12-18"
70' long indoor turf plus outdoor space for conditioning work.
Stay Healthy and Increase Mobility:
Geisha Body Tempering Roller from Donnie Thompson 135lbs
Body Tempering Roller 85lbs
ShouldeRok by Chris Duffin
All benches, racks and platforms are equipped w/ pegs for bands